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When you get to a certain age, there are fewer opportunities for a girl on a pension to find an easy way to make extra money to supplement her income.

With the passage of time, heading for the red light district to sell your ‘wares’ is perhaps not going to be profitable.

Whilst we all know that ‘some’ men might be looking for an elusive mature confident sexy woman, rather than some young floozie, standing on a freezing street corner for hours on end won’t do your bunions any favours. So forget that option.

Instead, head off to your nearest shopping outlet, like Freeport, or Cheshire Oaks, and mooch around Marks and Sparks or Next, and watch out specifically for their clearance section, or do a scout around your local charity shops for well-known labels, in good condition.  Most days, both Marks and Sparks and Next have items for sale for under £10.00, and my local charity shops include one which sells everything for £1.00.  You can then resell your haul on Ebay, and make a tidy profit.

Spotted shoes, bought for £3.99 sold for £14.99

I do this regularly, and one of my recent buys were these fabulous spotty shoes, which I bought in a charity shop for £3.99 and sold them almost immediately for £14.99!

This is generally known as ‘reselling’, or ‘flipping’ and the definition is probably buying something specifically to resell it.

It is BIG business on eBay but can be a really easy way to make extra money if you buy cheap and sell at a profit. Established resellers source their stock from anywhere and everywhere.

Charity shops are a favourite haunt, along with car boot sales and jumble sales.  Popular brands such as Per Una, Monsoon, French Connection and Next are good labels to buy if you are hoping for a quick resale.

Remember not to buy just what you like, in your size.  You are not buying to keep, you are buying to sell.  I just loved the spotty shoes, I knew they would sell quickly.

Why not set aside just £30.00 as a budget, and buy a few things. Set up an eBay account  ( see link below )  if you haven’t already got one, take a few nice, well-lit pictures and list them.

I usually list my items on a Buy it Now option rather than an Auction, it gives you more control and ensures that you can at least get your money plus a bit more.

You never know, with patience you could double your money, then repeat again and again!

To start with, choose your own favourite ‘go to’ labels, then when you are more confident, experiment with more brands and items.  The possibilities are endless.  Shoes, bags, belts, coats……everything sells eventually.

Here is how you open an Ebay account.

Here are some more handy suggestions about sourcing stock for reselling on Ebay.

Do you already sell on eBay, or does it make you nervous. Please leave a comment below, I’m happy to help if I can.


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