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Monetising A Long Term Hobby

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Having years of experience on your side, and a true passion for whatever hobby you’ve consistently dabbled in over the years, means you’ve got a unique chance to monetize what you love. After all, you’re great at what you do, and if you’ve got a bit of time and energy on your hands, you have a lot to offer the world!

Because of that, it might be a good idea to think about the different ways you could generate a bit of extra cash here and there – it won’t be hard to do, seeing as you’ve had this hobby for years now! But to hopefully give you a little more inspiration, and get the ball rolling, here are some suggestions. 

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Write About It

Writing is the number one way to create online content in a monetizable way, as reading is the number one thing we do online. Even when you’re creating videos, you need to script them out first! So, why not think about writing about your hobby, and the adventures it takes you on? 

Having a blog dedicated to your passion is a good way to collect together an audience of like-minded people, and then move into other ways of monetizing your hobby. You never know, your readers might start asking where you get your supplies, which means you can use affiliate links/sponsors, and they might start asking to buy your creations outright. 

Sell Some Products

Following on from the point above, most hobbies involve making things with your hands, and that means you’re left with products at the end of a project – may be a crocheted scarf, maybe a new painting that’ll look lovely on a wall, maybe even a hand-carved wood sculpture. 

And because of this, it might be a good idea to start selling these products online, as there’s a huge market for them. You can even sell privately via a social media account if you don’t like regular retailing platforms

Offer a To-Hire Service

If you’ve got some skills that are in high demand, such as writing, graphic design, knitting, or speaking more than one language, you can become a freelancer for hire in your spare team. Get your name and abilities out there, either via social media or a website of your own, or even a platform that’s already set up for you, such as these legal translation services you could very well be a part of one day. 

Because freelancing is a very popular thing to do these days, and it’s something you could find a niche of your own in, thanks to just how many resources there are to rely on. And if you like helping other people, and you know you could manage services to-order, this could be the perfect way to build up your bank account. 

So, is your hobby monetizable? Most likely! And not only that, but you could really make yourself a lot of money off of what you already love to do. 

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