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Unless you have the security of a mortgage free property, it can be really expensive for a single, mature girl on a pension to find an affordable accommodation, and pay for it all by herself.

There are so many reasons you could be without a secure roof over your head in later life; it might be by choice, or by circumstance. But whatever the reason, here is a quick, relatively simple and cost effective way to solve your problem.


It’s not just for students and young unmarried people!  And yes, I was sceptical when someone first suggested it to me, but I’m now happily house sharing with a lovely 37 year old girl and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. the perfect place to find the perfect place

Just think, if you rent a conventional one or two bedroomed flat or house, your outgoings don’t stop with just the monthly figure you have signed up for.

Straightaway, you’ve also signed up for a huge council tax bill, water rates, gas and/or electricity. That’s just the essentials, and without your other ‘essentials’ like your TV licence or WiFi.

Even if you still happen to have a full time job with a reasonable monthly income it’s such a big chunk to pay out every month.

But if you go and share a house with either one or more other people, you are only contributing to those outgoings, instead of paying them all yourself.

I pay my monthly rent to my housemate/houseowner, and for that, I have a nice double bedroom, and a bathroom right outside my door. My house mate is out at work all day, and apart from her bedroom (obviously) I have all of the house to myself.

During the week, I never see her in the mornings, she is up and gone to work at silly o’clock.

We dance around each other in the kitchen in the evening, she cooks some clean, vegetarian shite, and I make chips and egg.  She drinks a healthy cup of tea, I drink a healthy glass of red wine.

At weekends, I go to work around 9.00 am, and she goes off doing something jolly like boxing, or swimming. So then SHE has the house to herself till I get back quite late.

We compliment each other perfectly.

The Benefits

My ‘landlady’ benefits from my monthly rental, and I benefit from having my own warm ‘woman cave’ bedroom, but I also have the use of the rest of the house, and ‘my’ TV licence, Wifi and utilities are all included. It’s a win win situation.

If you feel that renting a house or flat on your ownsome is out of your price range,  take a look for yourself. you just never know this could be the answer to your accommodation problem.

Are you a girl on a pension with a partner and thinking of house sharing in London here is some good advice from the Thrifty Londoner

Let me know what’s happening in your life.






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