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So tomorrow is my local mid week car boot sale day. I’m more or less organised and I’ll be up and at ’em in the morning at the crack of dawn…..well maybe by about 7.30. I’m hoping to make some car boot cash to supplement my pension.

I’ve decided to take all the clothes that have failed to sell on eBay.  I’ve also got a bag full of nice shoes, a boot already full of lamps and some interesting old books too.

Sometimes I get fed up with my own Ebay items if they have hung around too long and this is a good way to raise some cash to source some new items to list.

A few weeks back I needed to quickly add to the spending money I’d put aside for my holiday, so I went through the house like a woman possessed, and got some bits together, again, clothes and shoes.  I arrived at the boot sale at 7.30, and left at 11.30, and came home with a profit (after my pitch fee) of £120.00. 

Ready to goIf you need to raise some quick cash, or just need the odd few pounds to supplement your pension, then car boot sales are the place to be, and trust me anything and everything sells.

One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure and for any girl on a pension a bargain is a bargain no matter where it’s come from, now is not the time to hide behind your pasting table. Don’t be shy!

Handy Tips

Here are just a couple of handy tips if you’ve never done a car boot sale before.

  • Organisation is the key, if possible load your car up the night before.
  • Take loads of carrier bags, a great way to recycle that pile of plastic under the sink
  • Take lots of pound coins and other loose change, as well as money for the pitch.
  • Own your space, people often want their own pitch and a bit of yours as well
  • Leave yourself enough turning room to get out when you want, don’t get trapped.
  • Take water and something to eat, don’t spend your earnings at the food stalls.
  • Take a fold up seat and wear a hat in hot weather
  • Be prepared to haggle, remember you are selling at a boot sale not Harrods

Here is a handy link to find your local car boot sales county by county, and do let me know how you get on. Or if you are already a car boot queen, let me know your handy tips too.




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