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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

From being a lady wot lunches, this girl on a pension, has become the lady wot finds the cheapest flippin lunches, and let’s be honest, dinner is far more tasty sourced via a supermarket lower price ‘yellow sticker’;  yes, it’s the reduced food shelf for me every time! In fact, you could say it’s my ‘thing’. 

Here is a really cost effective way to get the most from an offer you can often find at many of the mainstream supermarkets.

So the tray contains 2 Chipolata Sausages, one chicken breast wrapped in bacon, some stuffing and gravy. The previous price on my tray was £3.71 which seems a bit of a weird amount, but anyhow it was reduced to £1.59.

To get my money’s worth out of this, I unwrapped the bacon from the chicken breast. I cooked the chicken, stuffing, and gravy, and used it as the base for a roast dinner with fresh, reduced price veg and home made roast potatoes.

I cooked the sausages the next day, with an egg and toast and had it for breakfast, and following day made a sandwich with the bacon and another egg for lunch before work.

So, my £1.59 tray gave me the base for 1 good dinner and two light meals.
I reckon it pays to think ‘outside the tray’…

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