How To Save Up For Your Dream Holiday

Everyone has a dream holiday in mind. From the Maldives to New York City to a secluded and exclusive island in the Caribbean, the world is so full of adventure that you’re spoiled for choice. However, many of these destinations feel they cost an arm and a leg, and you don’t believe you’ll ever make it there.  But what kind of attitude is that? You deserve your dream holiday, and the only person that will make this happen is you.…

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street with palm trees
Living on Less, Travel


If statistics are to be believed, apparently more single women of retirement age are living alone than ever before.  But what is surprising is that more and more single women are retiring to Spain to start a new life on their own, and as a Girl on a Pension myself, having spent a lot of time there, I can assure you that financially at least, they will be better off. THE LOW COST OF LIVING It may seem a strange suggestion, when you are…

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