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With 2022 soon upon us, you may be considering some resolutions and beneficial steps that you can take to make sure the new year is a great one. Lockdowns and travel bans may have made some people feel somewhat trapped in a relationship and contained, so setting yourself a few goals that allow you to experience an increased sense of freedom is something that you may wish to consider.

Thankfully, learning how to gain more freedom in the new year doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might expect, as there is a range of excellent ideas that you can make the most of to turn your dreams into a reality today. So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then simply read on! 

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Change Your Working Environment

One of the easiest ways to gain more freedom in 2022 is by changing your working environment. The average person spends more than 40 hours a week at work, so this is a huge percentage of your waking life to feel trapped and contained by the same four walls.

Fortunately, the new year has brought about a huge shift in the way that modern people pursue modern careers, as many millions of employees are now choosing to work remotely.

Working remotely provides you with the opportunity to operate from wherever you please, offering you an unparalleled level of freedom within your career. You can choose to work from home, from a local library, at a cafe, or even on vacation – as long as you have an internet connection, you can work with ease.

Approach your boss or manager to request more remote working opportunities, as it can save them rent and electrical costs by reducing their need for commercial space. They might need a bit of convincing, so it’s a good idea to come up with a kind of sales pitch with a few business-focused reasons to support your cause. 

End Controlling Relationships 

Another excellent way to seek more freedom in 2022 is by putting an end to any controlling relationships that you may have found yourself in, as you need to be in the driving seat of your own life rather than allowing other people to make decisions for you.

Realising that you are no longer benefiting from a relationship is tough, but forcing yourself to stay within the confines of a controlling marriage will impact your mental health dramatically.

If you find yourself questioning, should I get divorced? Then perhaps it’s time to put an end to your relationship so that you can once again take the reins and steer yourself in your own unique direction.

Even friendships can become controlling as there’s always going to be a ‘leader of the pack’ that acts as a kind of lawmaker, but you don’t need to maintain any relationship that does not benefit you – end your friendships if they do not provide you with the freedom you seek, as there are plenty more people who would be honoured to have you as a friend. 

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