Obvious Signs That Your Car Is About To Go Kaput!

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Unless you’re a mechanic or you’re well-versed in the language of cars, you’re not always going to know when your car is on the verge of a breakdown. The thing is, cars DO tell you when there is a critical situation occurring, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for it really won’t matter. The good news is that you can learn the signs that your car is about to die on you, and once you do, you’ll be grateful that you learned and paid attention.

Your car could be your lifeline and once you know how to listen to your car telling you something is wrong, you’ll be able to stay on top of it. Let’s say your car is prone to brake pad wear and tear, you’d then get the right Ford parts to ensure that you have them ready for a disaster! You can speak to a local mechanic about your specific issues with your car, but you also can keep on top of the car parts you commonly need, too. So, with this in mind, you can use these four signs to tell whether your car is about to die on you!

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1/ Your exhaust pipe is exhausted. Did you know that all cars are blowing smoke from their pipes? If your exhausted pipe is tired and not performing well, then you’ll figure it out by the type of smoke billowing from it. The white vapour smoke is always normal when you first rev up and start the engine, but it’s not normal when you’re already on the road. If the smoke is purely white, you need to stop the car and get out as there could be a coolant leak occurring. Blue smoke could also indicate wear and tear but it’s black smoke that shows that the car is burning far too much fuel. Smoke shows your exhaust pipe is ready to give up the ghost.

2/ Your brakes are screeching at you. Your brakes shouldn’t make loud noises. In fact, they should purr as you slow down. If your brakes are yelling at you, it’s a sure sign that something is happening and you should know to get your car checked out ASAP. It could be anything from a gear issue to your brake pads wearing out. Either way, listen up – your car can talk!

3/ Your car is shaking. It won’t be in fear, but if your car is shuddering and the vibration is not usual for your car, then you need to pay more attention. There are various sounds that your car will make while you are driving but any shuddering and shaking of your car will need some attention. Vibrations can happen from time to time, but if it’s juddering and moving when it shouldn’t be, your car needs a checkup. 

4/ Your car is crying. Those oil spots under the car? They’re not normal. If you notice leakage from your car then you should consider looking to book in as soon as you can. If the car oil is brown on the road, then there is an engine oil leak. If it’s green, the issue is with the coolant. 

5/ Cars of the future.  Even now, modern cars are fitted with diagnostic sensors that mechanics can use to locate issues with most of the car’s working systems, enabling them to fix things quickly and often more cheaply as they spend less time trying to find the problem, thus making the labour charge on your bill a little more user friendly!  

But with more and more advanced technology being used in the manufacture of new cars companies such as Industrial Vision Systems, can install artificial intelligence applications on the production line that will, in the long term ensure all new cars come off the finish line as mechanically robust as they can possibly be, and where AI is actually installed in the car itself, potential issues will be detected before they become serious and AI also will be capable of predicting maintenance requirements as they arise. 

Overall, while AI obviously can’t mend a broken-down car, it can help in a number of ways, from diagnosing the problem or even preventing breakdowns from happening in the first place.




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