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Pensioners – yes you can stay at home AND make money!

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There comes a time in life when it’s inevitable that we have gathered ‘stuff’.  Stuff that is tucked away at the back of a cupboard, stashed in a suitcase, or stuff that just looks at you accusingly every time you open the shed door.

No point in denying it, you know it’s there. But what if all that stuff that you don’t use could generate some welcome cash to supplement your pension, especially after Christmas when funds are even lower than usual!

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According to Good Housekeeping  amongst the top 10 most listed items on eBay after Christmas are, Mobiles and Smartphones, Women’s bags, Tablets and eReaders, Women’s coats and Jackets, PC Laptops and Net books, and hands up over here, I can tick yes got one I don’t want/need/like, to all of those!

As well as good old reliable eBay, there are now other sites you can list your items on, such as Depop and Vinted. 

Whilst Depop is popular with younger sellers, specialising more in designer brands, Vinted,  is an easy to use selling site, which I’ve used successfully on many occasions.

We all know how easy it is to simply wrap up an item of clothing and post it off, but selling your unwanted technology requires a bit more thought.

If you are selling an old phone, or laptop, be sure to remove or save those special photo’s and documents, then simply restore it to factory settings.  You will find this in the settings menu, it’s really easy to do.

Don’t forget to remove the SIM card, and memory card if there is a removeable one, and finally to make completely sure there is nothing sensitive left, chose the ‘hard reset’ so that your software changes are effective.

If you are worried that your item will sell too cheaply, then choose the Buy it Now option.  Set your price on your listing, and you’ll be sure that you are getting the price you want.  I never sell by Auction these days, but I am happy to consider offers and I make sure I tick this box when I am listing my items. By choosing the Buy it Now option, you stay completely in control of your sale.

Pensioners, if you know you are a hoarding far too much ‘stuff’, why not have a declutter, clear out all that old crap, and start 2020 by getting rid of all those unloved and unwanted possessions and make some money to supplement your pension.

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