What Preparations Should You Make Before Building Your Own Home

Photo of a wooden house.

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Photo of a wooden house.


Perhaps one of the most romantic goals that we can have, aside from getting married and having children with someone we love and adore, is the hope to one day live in our own home. Yet there’s only one thing that this can be topped by, and that’s building your own home.

This can seem like an impossibility in 2020. After all, building a home means finding your own land, and being approved, and ensuring that all of your choices are in line with the lifestyle you hope to live. Is it possible to do this without having to buy land where available in the most remote regions? Actually, yet it is. Land goes on sale all the time, and new developments with material worth are approved by local housing authorities all of the time.

So, if you have the funding and the will to potentially discover how this process might work for you, you may also be interested in just how to prepare this path. But how do you prepare this path? With the following advice:

Utilize Chartered Surveyors

Dabinett Chartered surveyors can a fantastic service to use in this effort, because not only do they help you assess the value of property and land, but can also act as expert consultants regarding the construction process.

Of course, they’re not there to help you build the foundations nor plaster the walls, but they can give you extreme insight in how to best utilize your land, what specifics of the legal code you need to keep in mind, and how to structure said property in a manner in keeping with certain geographical needs. To this end, they are worth their weight in gold.

Curate Your Planning Application With Exact Blueprints

Your planning application to the local housing authority needs to be watertight in order for it to have a chance of being accepted. In it, you need to clearly lay out your plans, provide blueprints for the effort including measurements, and also fill out the particular forms they request of you.

You can use the mentioned services to help you curate this application in the best manner. If something is missing, you can be sure that this will be rejected. However, applications that take into account all requirements will then move into a planning stage where independent verification takes place. To that end, your vision may become that much more worthwhile.

Schedule Your Finances Correctly

Building your own home is expensive. It’s also hard to secure a loan or a mortgage for a property that doesn’t exist and holds no value. For that reason, scheduling your finances correctly is important.

Perhaps you’ll care for this word as time goes by, investing thousands of pounds here or there to develop the structure, or to plan the foundations, or to allow the empty shell of the house to sit before you hire a team of essential electricians to commit to that work. The more you can plan your finances, the more you can structure this project in a time-reasoned manner.

With this advice, we hope you can make the best preparations when building your own home.



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