How to Save on Expensive Life Costs

girl holding a piggy bank.

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Living is costly, and as you go through life, there are a lot of expensive costs that we all incur at some point. So to avoid nasty financial surprises, here’s how to save some money!

girl holding a piggy bank.

Take Your Car For Its Annual Service

A car is an expensive outgoing, and it becomes even worse when it breaks down or ends up needing a costly fix. To avoid these big expenses, make sure you take your car for its annual service. Car servicing at Brindley can help you with your vehicle and with regular servicing, it’ll run more efficiently and hopefully without very few problems. An MOT service is a legal requirement and shouldn’t be avoided. You’ll only end up spending more money if you ignore the warning signs when your car doesn’t feel or sound right.

Cut Down On Luxuries

Luxuries make life that little bit more exciting and although we all love them, sometimes it useful to reign in these extra expenditures. Take a look at your current outgoings, and you’ll probably see a few payments that could be cut down or removed completely. Luxuries are great, but we don’t need them all the time. If you have less, then you’ll come to appreciate them a lot more. It’s also surprising the amount that you can save by merely removing one or two regular payments from your monthly outgoings. Having a buffer or emergency fund is something everyone has both for unexpected costs but to give yourself a treat every now and then.

Find The Bargains In Your Food Shops

There’s plenty of bargains in life, whether that’s a sale for a new piece of furniture or your weekly food shop. Food shopping can be a huge expense each month, especially for growing householdwith children. What was once a reasonably small bill, can easily become very expensive. Look for the bargains when it comes to your food shop and don’t be afraid to go for shop branded versions because they are likely to taste just as good as their more pricier options. The discounted sections of the store are also good for stocking up on the food you can freeze. Normally this food will go for half or less than half of what it originally was priced at.

It may be a bit of a hassle but comparing prices between supermarkets is useful, and you may benefit from doing half the shopping in one store and half in the other.

Compare Your Energy Bills

Energy bills for your home can often change and increase depending on the time of year and the inflation that some businesses then apply to their customer’s bills. So every now and again, it’s worth checking your current spend and comparing what you get to other energy suppliers to see if you can get a better deal.

You don’t have to live a frugal lifestyle, but it’s a good idea to be money savvy and have a budget, especially when life tends to throw you a few curveballs every now and then.




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