How to Afford the Things You Want When You are on a Budget.

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When you are on a specific budget because of a pension or a low income, then it can be easy to think that you can’t afford certain things in life. And with the likes of social media, it can be easy to see what others are doing, buying, or travelling to, and feel like you’re a little left behind. But if there are things that you do want to do in your life, then there will be way to afford them. You just need to be savvy, plan well, and know your finances inside out so that you don’t get into debt. You can cut corners in other parts of your budget to make things work.

So here are a few ways that you can cut back on certain things, so that you have a little more room each month for the things that you do want.

picture of calculator and pens

TV and Entertainment

If you are someone that has an all-singing-all-dancing Sky TV package, then it can cost around £80 a month, which is pretty huge (just under £1000 a year). So an easy way to cut back there would be to cancel it. When you weigh up how much you really use it, you won’t be getting your money’s worth, and you could do a lot more with the time you’d save too. Plus, with things like Netflix, you could be paying something like £6 a month and still getting to see a lot of the same shows and movies.

Cars and Transport

There is no getting away from the fact that you will need a car or transport to get around. Over a certain age and you may be eligible for a bus pass, but even then, using a car can be much more convenient. But how you do afford the car that you want? You could look at financing a car, such a checking out something like Mercedes finance, so that you can get a good looking car that drives well, rather than simply just an old banger that you may have been able to afford outright. Just do the calculations to make sure that you can afford the payments each month.

Holidays and Travel

Being able to get away from your normal routine and visit some new places and relax can be something that everyone will want to do from time to time. But there is no getting away from the cost of it all. So for starters, have you thought about staycations instead, staying somewhere in the UK, rather than going abroad? That can mean things like plan travel isn’t a factor. You could look on home swap sites too, as well as Airbnb as the rates can be pretty reasonable compared to what you might get at a hotel.

Home Furnishings

You don’t have to spend a lot to get your home looking the way that you want it to. You can look for good pieces to add to your home at car boot fairs, as well as in second hand shops and charity shops. Things might need to be repainted, sanded or reupholstered, but that can all be pretty inexpensive; just requiring time.


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