Becoming Location Independent Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

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Becoming location independent and a digital nomad is something that many of us can only dream of. However, it is becoming easier and easier to begin. If you look at Used Motorhomes, you can find something suitable that will be able to take you around on your travels. Once this has been sorted, you should seek out the types of job roles available and what may be best for you.

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Translators – among the first professions that “went into independence” and today it is rare to find employees in this position. Many companies have come to understand that a professional translator, proficient in two languages at the native language level, does not necessarily live in the country where the company is located. The digital nomads involved in translation can afford to work even without the internet available 24/7, as most translation jobs are done offline and the need for internet connection is mainly for sending ready-made translation jobs and communicating with the client.

Ecommerce Webmasters

Ecommerce Webmasters – The many e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon have reinvented the concept of “store manager”. Small and large businesses have found themselves drawn to the world of e-commerce, opening virtual stores and rolling out millions of dollars in revenue thanks to this move. Many people saw the field as a rare economic opportunity and opened virtual stores across the wide range of platforms available in the market.  The product inventory does not have to sit in your home warehouse or even in the country where you live. In this way, many suppliers are able to ship products from anywhere to anywhere in the world without meeting or even talking to the customer. A digital nomad who chooses to run an online store must stay in areas with high-speed internet, as most of the time the work is in front of the whole world and the working hours can be around the clock.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing roles in social networks and search engines – Another profession born as a result of technological advancement and our dependence on the Internet, is the variety of advertising roles on the Internet, whether in social networks or in search engines. Over the years, this role has also become the domain of freelancers, and fewer and fewer companies are choosing to employ “in-house” employees. Those who choose this field are well aware of the secrets of Internet advertising and marketing. They know how to identify world trends, changing fashion, influencing the relevant audience and what makes the customer choose one company over the other.  In addition, this field requires a great deal of understanding in reading and analyzing reports and a high ability to draw conclusions in order to yield good results for the customer. 

Content Writers and Bloggers

Content Writers and Bloggers – These roles are a product of recent years and those that take part are mainly young people who are very active on social networks or content writers for sites on various topics.  The job includes writing and sometimes photography in order to promote certain content and products and therefore can be performed from anywhere in the world.


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