5 Benefits Of Owning A Caravan

5 Benefits Of Owning A Caravan

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Caravan holidays may not seem like the classiest way to travel but in fact, with staycationing all the rage they’re becoming much more popular. The great thing about owning a caravan is freedom. You have your accommodation and transport in one place and can take your pick of hidden gems to explore.

Caravans are not only family-friendly but fun for a trip with your mates as well. You can also save money as it’s a cheap and cheerful holiday option. Caravan sites are often chilled out friendly places too. Here are some of the benefits of owning a caravan. 

Discover hidden gems

When you’ve got your own transport you can explore more rural areas. In a caravan, every route is a scenic route and you can try out some of the best road trips in the UK. You’re much more likely to discover hidden gems than with any other type of travelling. You’ll probably find some quirky campsites and residents on your way as well. 

Freedom and independence

A caravan gives you freedom and independence. You’re free to roam wherever if you like and it’s perfectly safe. All you need is to ensure you practice driving it, and get caravan insurance from companies such as Frank Pickles Insurance. This will protect you on your travels. You’re also free to travel in the off-peak season and can book last minute holidays. If you’re feeling a little restless, you can just drive off into the horizon and take a spontaneous weekend away. 

Cheaper holidays

Owning a caravan is essentially driving your own cheap accommodation. You’ll only need to pay a small fee to stay in campsites and the rest is up to you. Caravans come fully-equipped with self-catering facilities and a bathroom. They’re ideal if you’re looking for a cheap getaway. You could even save money by getting a second-hand caravan or customising your own.

Dog friendly

If you like travelling with your pooch then you’re in luck as there are many dog-friendly campsites. As long as your dog doesn’t mind being on the road then there’s no reason why you can’t take it with you. You can enjoy the open air together when you arrive at your destination. Many people prefer to take their dog with them on a staycation and it’s always exciting new sights and smells for the dog. Do your research ahead of time and make sure that the campsites you’re stopping at allow dogs just in case.

Chilled atmosphere

One of the best things about caravanning is the chilled atmosphere. Most campsites have a very informal, low-key attitude so you can don’t have to worry about breakfast etiquette or strict check-out times. You can often book last minute or pay per night your stay, it’s more flexible than other types of holidays. When you’ve got a caravan it’s all about freedom. The freedom to roam and explore, and eat breakfast outside in your dressing gown if you want to. It’s also the perfect choice for a staycation.

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